Massage Types

Eszter, LMT offers both Western and Eastern styles of massage. Perfect for relaxation, managing stress and overworked muscles. 

Swedish Relaxation

60 MINUTES $72 • 90 MINUTES $98

The most common style of massage, light or firm pressure as you desire using quality lotions and cremes. Choose a 60-minute for complete relaxation or 90-minute if you need extra time on face, head, neck or feet.

Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) Therapy

30 MINUTES $38 • 60 MINUTES $88 • 90 MINUTES $128

Various techniques are used to find knots and deep-seated tension that cause pain and postural distortion. Usually involves deep tissue work and can also include joint movements and stretches, both passive and active.

Ayurvedic (Abyhanga)

60 MINUTES $85 • 90 MINUTES $118 

Traditional oil massage using warm oil selected for the person’s individual constitution. Can include oil in hair and relaxing marma point therapy on the face.


60 MINUTES $75 • 90 MINUTES $108

Ayurveda has a tradition of full body massage using warmed herbal oil (Ashwagandha Bala) to help a new mom restore her health, both physically and emotionally. Usually performed in-home. Travel fees: additional $20


60 MINUTES $85 

Young Living's signature massage for restoring mind and body using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils - very relaxing and aromatic - oils applied to feet and back with specific traditional techniques. Travel fees: additional $20

Chair Massage


Great for parties, showers, and corporate events! Suggested increments of 10, 15 or 30 minutes, event minimum of $150 or $20 travel fee applies




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Add On Services

Require additional time as stated & can be added to most types of sessions.


No additional time required $8 

High quality therapeutic grade essential oils diffused (or added to massage oil) during any type of session (except Raindrop)


15 MINUTES $13

Various hand positions are used on or near a person's head, limbs and chakras. Chakras are the subtle body's energy wheels and can be affected when certain physical or psychological imbalances are present. Can be added to the beginning or end of massage.

Abdominal Castor
Oil Pack

30 MINUTES $38 

Usually an add-on to Swedish or Ayurvedic massage, warm castor oil is poured on the stomach, then a warm towel and hot stones are placed on top. Light or firm pressure abdominal massage follows to release deep tension or scar tissue and adhesions.

Dry Brushing (Garshana)

30 MINUTES $47

Raw silk gloves are used to promote lymphatic flow and open pores in preparation for warm oil or herbal treatments. Usually done before abhyanga. The gloves are yours to keep.

Herbal Joint Treatment
(Pinda Swedana)

30 MINUTES $52

Custom made herbal boluses made with rice and specially selected herbs are warmed and worked over joints and muscles. Take home 2 boluses, can be reheated and used for several days. Great for arthritis and soreness. Done after abhyanga.


Prices above do not include tax.